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Sailing School Lesson Options

Participants often start with an Introduction to Sailing, if they like the experience and want to go to the next step the we offer Basic Level 1 and followed by Basic Level 2. This is the basis for recreational sailing where participants maybe able to help with sailing a yacht.
The next level involves training for social Yacht Club racing.

Learn to Sail – Basic Skills One

Students will learn to sail our small to medium size boats in a relaxed informal atmosphere whilst under careful supervision and instruction.

u how to sail and starts with the essential skills you need to safely enjoy sailing.

This course is intended to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to rig and sail a small to intermediate 'daysailor' keelboat to the best advantage, using a variety of techniques under minimal guidance.

This course comprises of three, four hour sessions( 3 x 4 hour sessions), over successive days/weeks and will be delivered through a combination of ‘classroom’ work, online reading, and on-water work in a on our Intermediate sized Keelboats. Am Introduction to sailing is a pre requisites for this Basic Skills 1 / beginner course.


The Course Covers:

  • Prepare and Plan - Group and individual safety awareness, clothing, safety equipment,sailing boundaries
  • Rigging - wind awareness, awareness of parts of and rigging the training boat
  • Ropework – Figure of eight, round turn and two half hitches, reef knot, bowline
  • Sailing Techniques - Sailing to windward, reaching and sailing downwind
  • Manoeuvres - tacking, gybing, points of sailing, basic heave-to, primary boat controls,positions on the boat and helming under guidance
  • Man overboard (MOB) procedures and drills, towing procedures
  • Coming alongside to a fixed structure and mooring, launching and recovery of craft.
  • Sailing Theory and Basic right-of-way Rules - avoiding collisions, power/sail right,port/starboard, windward/leeward, keep to the right of channels, overtaking vessels
  • Weather awareness for safe inshore sailing

Learn to Sail - Basic Skills Two

This course is designed to consolidate the experience and knowledge gained in Basic Skills One.

The course introduces the next level of skills and knowledge that will enable the successful participant to safely and competently sail a small boat in controlled conditions (light winds, enclosed waters) without guidance.It also focuses on meteorology and the impact wind and weather has on a sailing boat.

If you just want to enjoy sailing every as a casual crew member, who has an idea of whats what, then, completing an Introduction To Sailing, Basic Skills One and Basic Skills Two is a smart thing to do. At the completion of these stages you could be a good first time crew and be ready to learn the next level of sailing and racing skills.


Sailing School Lesson Components

Learn to Sail – Basic Skills One

Lesson information.Flags

Basic Skills Two

Expands on the skill elements and performance criteria mentioned above but also introduces meteorology.

What to Bring

Weather conditions may vary from cold to hot, so students should therefore bring:

General: Learn to Sail Melbourne Course Information

  • Windproof / Waterproof Shell or Spray Jacket
  • Old sneakers / White non Marking soled shoes.
  • Sun Hat / Woolen Beanie / Sunglasses
  • All hats and sunglasses should be fitted with sports straps. You may loose it otherwise!
  • Sailing Gloves if available (Golf, weight lifting, bike gloves etc, all good)We have some available if you don't have any of your own, just ask on the day.
  • Water or other refreshments, no alcohol.

Dinghy Courses:

  • Bathers Learn to sail Melbourne  - Dinghy Course Information
  • Towel
  • Wetsuit (if available)
  • Shorts (also ideal over wetsuit for protection)
  • Thermal underclothes ideal if available
  • Polyester shirts and tops recommended (no cotton)
  • Woolen Jumpers or thermal jumpers/jackets x 2

LUNCH - For Full Day Courses you'll will need to bring food and drinks.

PFD’s - Personal Floatation Devices (sometimes referred to as life-jackets or buoyancy vests) are supplied.

Unsuitable Weather

Should the weather be so adverse as to prejudice the effectiveness of one or more days of a course such that sailing or theoretical instruction is not possible, substitute days or other equitable arrangements, will be negotiated.


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