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Corporate Team Sailing FUN Tour

Our 2 or 3 hour late afternoon sailing tour, with a Certified Skipper, is designed to give your Team a chance to finish the working day with an insight into sailing and Melbourne by water.All at an affordable price. You may steer and sail the boat!

Let your adventure sailing tour begin on Melbourne's uncovered secret, Victoria Harbour - The Docklands and the Historic Maritime precinct of Hobson's Bay and Williamstown.


Melbourne offers spectacular cruising. It is special to leave the working docklands in the late afternoon, watch the

sunset over Williamstown and then return to Melbourne as

the evening lights come on.

There are always smooth waters with plenty to see

  • Docklands
  • Bolte Bridge
  • Williamstown
  • Swanson Docks
  • Gigantic Container ships
  • Stunning Dockland apartments

Melbourne Dockland Sailing School and Corporate Team Building offers you a unique adventure sailing experience while gaining a new perspective of Melbourne and its environs.

Afterwards you can enjoy a drink at a dockside bar or you may choose to enjoy a sumptuous meal at any of the outstanding Docklands cafes and restaurants.

Half Day Corporate Team Building Sailing Activities

What's involved?

Sail training is an outdoor team building adventure activity. Its purpose is not to teach how to sail

( though you will learn how to sail); it's principally to help them learn about themselves in a team environment, to discover hidden strengths and talents, to understand the value of others and of working as one of a team.

It requires an individual to confront many demanding challenges, both physical and emotional. It is an activity that inspires and develops self-confidence and responsibility, an understanding and acceptance of others whatever their social or cultural background and a willingness to rely on the team work of your fellow crew members.

The nature of sail training makes it ideal for team building. All the people on the boat have to co-operate to sail the boat, everyone team member has a role and with our experienced instructors we can ensure that no one person 'dominates'.

It is completely removed from the politics of the normal work place environment, its outdoors, clean and with a 'Breath Inspiring' view.

The waters of Hobson's Bay are ideal for Corporate Team Sailing. Unlike Yacht Clubs and venues like located further down the Bay(Sandringham and Brighton), which are exposed and can often be quite rough.

Our Team Sailing activities are designed to challenge and develop the team not make them ill.

If the weather conditions are too unpleasant we can sail back into Victoria Harbour and sail till our heart's content( or run out of time)

A Half Day's Team Sailing on Hobson and Port Phillip Bays

•  Sailing and Safety orientation

•  1 Boat (12 participants max.)

•  Tour of Docklands , Yarra River and Williamstown

•  Pre-sailing instruction and theory.

•  3+ hrs sailing times with instruction and team building facilitating

•  Return to Docklands

$165.00* per person (based on minimum of 10 participants) on one of our beautiful yachts

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Inquire Now - Half Day Team Sailing Activity- $165.00* per participant


Lunch and Beverage Package options:

. Onboard yachts- Hamper style.

. Dockside at Yacht Club

. Docklands, catered for, cafe or restaurant.

A Full Day's Team Sailing on Hobson and Port Phillip Bays


•  1 Boat

•  1 hour pre-sailing briefing and instruction.

•  2+ hrs sailing time with instruction and team building facilitating

•  Yacht Club facilities


•  Join Yacht Club Race   or

•  ( 3+ hours Sailing Time)

•  All Yacht Club facilities

•  Return to Victoria Harbour - Melbourne Docklands

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The Catalina Keel Boats

Keel Boats capacities for Team Sailing range from 10 to 12 participants

Sumptuous accommodation and superb sea-going sailing ability. At 35 feet (10.74 metres) long and 13 feet wide (3.96 metres), we can accommodate up to 12 guests in complete comfort.

The Catalina 350 is an all new design, incorporating many desired features usually only found in larger vessels.

  • Extensive deck space with deep, comfortable seat backs and roomy, wide steering area

  • Spacious, well equipped galley with two burner stove and oven, refrigerator and freezer

  • Private ensuite bathroom with hot and cold running water

  • Separate dining and cocktail tables

  • Canopy to protect guests from unfavorable weather.

Catalina 350 luxury dining and sleeping quarters.Catalina 350 yacht cruising .

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