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About Team Cooking


Most Team Building activities have a food and beverage component at their heart; participants can get together, relax, share experiences and have fun. Our team cooking event provides this and more.


The food produced by the Team is as professionally presented as any corporate event. Your Team will have a ‘seamless' team building event with no loss of time or continuity between the activity and the food and beverage get together.


The Team Building component is as good a team orientated activity as there is available in a CBD location. All team members will work together to produce a ‘meal' that is fantastically received. They will feel proud of their individual and team achievements.


Our Team Cooking events are holistic in philosophy, not only will the business and management benefit; individuals will gain new skills that can enhance their lives outside their working environment.



Who attends the Team Cooking Program?  
  •             Leaders,
  •             Undefined roles / responsibilities, etc.
  •             Self Directed (or trying to get there)
  •             Trying to set a strategic direction
  •             Mature teams in need of revitalization
  •             In conflict
  •             Ready for team feedback


Why Cooking and Team Building ?


Team building and cooking are powerfully similar.   For both you must have:

  •             A willingness to start from scratch (or find viable solutions using only the
  •             available" ingredients")
  •             Opportunities to experiment and innovate
  •             A vision of the desired end result
  •             A sense of fun and adventure
  •             Team oriented goals


Our facilities:

Our facilities are situated in the central business district of Melbourne, Thousands industry professionals have been trained in the facilities, training kitchens and classrooms. We have a choice of 3 training kitchens.


The Planning Process

The menus are chosen to provide a challenging learning experience, to take the group into new territory, to stretch whatever culinary skills they may have; and to teach the fundamental truth: the team won't get through this unless it works together.


Each member will receive the selected menu and instructions prior to the cooking program. The group will study the material, and begin to understand the process and how best to distribute and perform tasks.


This stage is monitored to observe and record group dynamics and the allocation of team duties and responsibilities.


Trust and confidence in the ability of the team to accomplish the task is essential. After all, you or your colleagues will eat what your team has prepared. Concerns, uncertainties, and any questions will be shared openly and dealt with throughout the course.


The Goal


The goal is for the group to become a team, to discover new facets and ways of working together; to establish a team in an environment where everyone starts out at zero, as equals, i.e., no one knows how to do this.


The end result is a sumptuous meal for everyone's enjoyment, the fulfillment of a new and challenging task completed, and a chance to evaluate the meal, the process and the learning that has taken place.


At its best, this experience can affect and improve the daily work of the team. It depends on the group to take all that it can from this learning environment.




It's on with the aprons and into the kitchen!

Nothing demonstrates the value of cooperation towards an end result like team cooking.


Teams will:

  •             Work as a team to prepare a gourmet meal, course by course.
  •             Get hands-on cooking experience guided by expert culinary rofessionals
  •             Sit down as a group to enjoy the meal the team prepared and discuss the team member's learning.


The Outcomes

  •             Team members leave Team Cooking with:
  •             A clear understanding of what is required of high achieving teams.
  •             Consensus about how they will work together.
  •             Agreement about what they will work on.
  •             Short and long-term action plans to move toward the team's vision.
  •             Stronger, unified commitment to team achievement


Cooking lessons include :

  •             Full use of Specialist Asian and or European Training kitchen
  •             All food ingredients
  •             Menu options
  •             Training in safety and Cooking skills
  •             Aprons and Hat
  •             Cooking equipment, knives etc



"Hi Tony,

I just wanted to say thank you for a great day yesterday. Everyone is still talking about that fabulous meal we prepared (as a team) last night.

It was wonderful to see everyone working together and helping each other out when needed.

Thanks again for a great day.



Sally Bonser

Business Process Manager

ANZ Pacific and Personal Banking Asia"


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