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Fun Rewards and Team Activities Melbourne

Why not turn your next corporate function into a deductible training session.

With our Team Cooking Corporate Function Event you will get to eat the gourmet delights of the sumptuous contemporary menu prepared by you and your team.unique function venues melbourne

After a short time spent preparing the menu, your team will remove their aprons, grab a drink from the bar and share in the 'fruits of their labour', prepared by your work mates for the most unique Corporate Function in Melbourne.unique function venues melbourne

Corporate Team Cooking, a recent innovation in the field of team building rewards, incentives and activities, provides a unique challenge and a significant opportunity for organisation's and individuals alike. unique function venues melbourne

Participants learn to work together to produce exotic and unfamiliar

gourmet items, using techniques and ingredients entirely new to most.

No prior experience necessary for your next Corporate Function

For those with little or no cooking experience this can be daunting. For those who think they know how to cook, even more so! It’s not about how much you know it’s about producing a Team result. unique function venues melbourne, unique function venues melbourne, unique function venues

The old adage:

“If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen” has no place in Team building.

Forging a team around the cook stove (or campfire) is fun, natural effective, intuitive and essential to our nature, cooking is probably one of humankind's first group activities, after hunting and gathering and certainly a reward for all your hard work.unique function venues melbourne

Cooking a gourmet menu requires and builds teamwork. Our Corporate Function Cooking event helps your team reinforces the philosophy of providing service to others, the need for close cooperation, planning skills, good communication, quality performance, leadership, consensus and attention to detail.unique function venues melbourneTeam Building Cooking Class Lamb and Eggplant Salad

New techniques, ingredients and tools present opportunities for learning

and innovation. For both the uninitiated and the experienced cook, it is

a challenge requiring full focus, openness to constructive criticism,

constant learning, and most importantly, teamwork. unique function venues melbourne

Designing the Corporate Function

Each course is designed specifically to meet the needs and

objectives of the team. team Cooking Souffle

The Corporate Function Menus includes:

  • Tapas
  • Classic French and Italian
  • Modern Australian
  • East meets West Buffet
  • Asian Banquet and Steamboat
  • Large Group Finger Food Functions
  • Chocolate making

Unique Corporate and Private Function Venue in Melbourne


Corporate Team Sailing FUN Tour

Bolte Bridge Melbourne

Our 2 or 3 hour Sailing Tour, with a Certified Skipper, is designed to give your Team a chance to finish the working day with an insight into sailing and Melbourne by water.

All at an affordable price.

You may steer and sail the boat!

Let your adventure sailing tour begin on Melbourne's uncovered secret, Victoria Harbour - The Docklands and the Historic Maritime precinct of Hobson's Bay and Williamstown.

Melbourne offers spectacular cruising. It is special to

leave the working docklands in the late afternoon,

watch the sunset over Williamstown and then return to

Melbourne as the evening lights come on. Sailing Melbourne

There are always smooth waters with plenty to see

  • Docklands
  • Bolte Bridge
  • Williamstown
  • Swanson Docks
  • Gigantic Container ships
  • Stunning Dockland apartments

Melbourne Dockland Sailing School and SEA Leggs

Corporate Team Building offers you a unique adventure

sailing experience while gaining a new perspective of

Melbourne and its environs.

Afterwards you can enjoy a drink at a dockside bar or

you may choose to enjoy a sumptuous meal atany of

the outstanding Docklands cafes and restaurants.

$85.00* per person (based on 12 participants) on one of our beautiful yachts

$145.00* per person (based on 12 particpants) on one of our perfect cats!

$95.00* per person (based on 30 particpants) on one of our perfect cats!


Inquire Now - 2 Hour Corporate Team FUN Sail Tour - from $95.00* per participant


Function Venues Melbourne and Sydney

We have a number of selected Function Venues located in the Inner City Melbourne, the CBD, Docklands and overlooking The Bay and Sydney Harbour.

One of these venues will be perfect for your next social or workplace function.

Republic Function Venue Melbourne

Small or large groups - up to 200 persons, with a late licence available.

Great food / Great Music / Great Atmosphere

Email or call for pricing and bookings.

Functions are very special. We can tailor your function to meet your every need and provide a great event to remember for your guests.


Please call 0425752745 or email   and let us plan your function

Republic Function Venue Melbourne Window SectionRepublic Function Melbourne Bar section

Why not turn your next corporate function into a deductible training session  -

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