Why Team Building Rewards & Incentivies

High Performers hitting the high seas - The Age Newspaper March 2006

  • How can corporate team-building events such as the ones you offer help boost morale for sales teams?

On a number of fronts:

1. ‘The Right Carrot'-
recognition for outstanding performance or an outstanding reward.

As a reward or incentive for reaching agreed sales goals or achieving the highest sales targets. Often the Teams choose their own reward and cooking classes and sailing are unique, appealing and fun.

2. Team Vision

Conversely it's important for high achieving individuals and sales teams to understand that they don't work in isolation. The‘silo' mentality.

They are team members, a part of a bigger organisation. Not only does a business require a number of motivated high achievers in the sales department, it also requires all the motivated ancillary team members who have other equally important roles within the organisation.

Our Team Building activities bring all of these team members together and whilst individuals can be recognised, through a ‘special celebration', the focus is always on the Team result, ‘the big picture' and its shared experience.

Reward the whole Team! Be it sailing a yacht together to a dockside location for lunch, sail around a course and win the race or producing a fantastic dinner, not just one good course, our Team Building activities help boost morale and reward all members of the ‘Team'.

  • What is the difference between the cooking activities you offer and the sailing, in terms of the type of team-building experience it offers? Does one suit a particular type of personality more than the other?

Team Sailing

Trainer Tony Legg Charts New Waters - The Herald Sun, 9 December 2003

Ideal for small established business units of 5 to 35 team members.

The parallels of sailing a yacht and managing a business unit are closely related. The aim is to increase communication, develop respect and improve relationships between Team Members.

In sailing you recognise that you have to have a skipper calling the moves. The skipper is responsible for keeping the yacht on course and sailing the yacht as fast as possible. Conditions change and the skipper may not see or recognise all these changes, so it's imperative that others also communicate and indicate changes in the conditions. It may be another boat and you need to avoid a crash, a big wave that will slow you down or an unfavourable wind change that takes you away from your intended course.

The skipper considers this information and makes a decision to change tack or direction. But how does the crew know what to do?

There must be a plan and the various moves and actions in that plan must be coordinated so every crew member knows what they have to do and when to do it. Not all the tasks are the same, no one task is more important than another, because if one task is not done well it will impact on the efficient change of direction.

The more the crew plan, train and communicate the more cohesive they become and the smoother the change of direction and acceleration onto the new course.

Team Cooking

My Team Building - The Age Newspaper April 2005

A team is a group of people working towards a common goal.

Team cooking works effectively in situations where team members are not together on a regular basis because they work in a different location, city or state. Others who benefit from Team Cooking include members of project management teams or individuals who are high achievers and may feel negative towards other team members because they see them as under achieving. Team Cooking is also a great activity where all the team members share in the ‘fruits of their labour'.

The Team is broken down into smaller units , each with a nominated leader. Each team is responsible for a particular course but must work with other units to decide on the menu order, the timing and the logistics to ensure the delivery of a professionally catered event .

  • Is the idea of outsourcing team-building activities like those your company offers something that is becoming more popular with clients?

Major Teambuilding programs are frequently conducted "off-site". This allows participants to get away from the workplace physically (minimizing disruptions) and mentally (opening their thinking to new points of view).

Out sourcing team building activities also provides a diverse range of activities with flexible financial options depending on clients' budgets and time constraints.

As professional consultants we can help our clients identify what messages they would like to push through their sessions, facilitate the event or give the client the tools necessary to do it themselves, implement the feedback and measurement components afterwards

  • What do you think corporations are hoping to achieve, in terms of addressing their sales team's strength or weaknesses through activities like the sailing or cooking?

The most successful team building activities are ones where the corporations have done sufficient preliminary work prior to the selected team building activity. These corporations have a strong corporate culture and team vision for a common goal.

Some will include their own workplace psychologist or Training Managers to observe and participate in the activity. Others will request our organisation to organise this process.

In many situations the strengths and weakness will become obvious once removed from the normal workplace environment. Everyone is now on a level playing field.

How team members behave is often a true indication of their behavioural style.

The combination of both mental and physical challenges presented during the events ensures that all team members are able to participate in supporting the team. Our programs reinforce the skills that differentiate successful teams. The Teams return refreshed, focused, motivated, confident and proud.

Apply: finally we capture the lessons learned on the activity and apply the learning back to their usual work environment where they can use their new knowledge, skills and behaviors and where appropriate, transfer this learning to others

  • What other incentives does your business provide to companies wishing to inspire sales teams?

A range of Gift Vouchers for Personal sailing and cooking lessons.

  • Unique Gift ideas like our Nautical Bed and Breakfast
  • Vouchers for Personal Sailing Lessons
  • Adventure sailing Tours
  • Corporate Team Video Production
  • Gift baskets of regional Wine and food

B&B on the Sea - The Great Outdoors Channel 7 Febaury 2005

  • Why are incentives so important?

Motivation of sales staff commonly focuses on sales results, but nobody can actually 'do' a result. What matters in achieving results is people's attitude and activity and the areas of opportunity on which the attitude and activity is directed.

Sales teams generally comprise people who seek greater responsibility. They also seek recognition, achievement, self-development and advancement.

Organisations know it makes good sense to offer these opportunities and incentives to staff, because we know that doing so will have a motivational effect on them, and also encourage them to work on opportunities that are likely to produce increasing returns on their efforts?

Incentives are the Icing on the cake. Incentives are a good way to show staff they are appreciated as the sales leaders by always trying to put a fresh twist into the incentive programs to help stimulate and motivate the sales team.

  • What can you tell me about feedback from particular clients and the effect it has had on staff?

The feedback from our clients is very positive. It's important we get a clear brief from the client prior to their activity. We are then able to match the aims and outcomes of the activity to those of the teams. In this way we meet their expectations and hopefully exceed them. Words like ‘wonderful', ‘amazing', ‘bonded well' and ‘very positive' are some of the comments and feedback from our clients.

  • Do companies who use your team-building activities or sales rewards incentives report a direct boost in morale / job enjoyment / professional pride?

Yes they do. We have many clients who have used our activities on numerous repeat occasions for the same team and other teams with their organisations. Often Teams will tell other Teams within their organisation about how successful the activity has been or via internal newsletters.

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In the field of teaching, he has both outdoors hands-on and classroom teaching skills.

Tony originally qualified in Outdoor education with the Victorian Education Department.

He is a certificated instructor in windsurfing, skiing and sailing, has taught hospitality and professional cookery at East Gippsland College of TAFE, was a catering and training manager in the wilds of New Guinea and taught professional cooking and Event Management at William Angliss Institute of TAFE in Melbourne


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