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Corporate Team Building Sailing - Melbourne and Sydney

Corporate Team Building Sailing Melbourne and Sydney, offering corporate activities, rewards, incentives and Team Building activities, either with one boat or more, involve participants and groups engaged in challenges that parallel real work environments and ones that facilitate respect, co-operation, communication and teamwork. Corporate Sailing Melbourne and Sydney is an ideal Team Building activity. Corporate Yacht Charter Melbourne or Sydney is a great Team Building activity. team building sailing sydney, team building sailing sydney

Team Building Trainer Tony Legg charts new waters The Herald Sun.

Sail days give a boost to team work The Australian Newspaper

From the office to sailing in under 10 minutes.

Overview: team building sailing sydney

The nature of sailing makes it ideal for team building.

All the people on the boat have to co-operate to sail the boat.

Everyone team member has a role and with our experienced

instructors we can ensure that no one person 'dominates'.

Our core focus is that of building High Performance Teams and

accelerating the development of leadership competencies.

Using sailing as an intense learning environment we work with teams

and individuals to stretch their capacities and to build high level independence and interdependence. Adopting a consultative approach we work closely with our clients. Making sure we achieve the goals and objectives of the event.

Corporate Team Building 'Events' range from just learning to sail and working as team with the 'Day on the Bay' program, through to 'team against team' racing, where two or more identical yachts race against each other. team building sailing sydney

It is completely removed from the politics of the normal work place environment, its outdoors, clean and with a 'Breath Inspiring' view. team building sailing sydney

Weather Conditions team building sailing sydney

Although our Team Sailing events are considered an outdoor adventure activity we are mindful of the concerns some participants may have with being out on the water and feeling building sailing sydney, team building sailing sydney


Melbourne  team building sailing sydney, team building sailing sydney, team building sailing sydney

We operate from the protection of the Docklands, Pier 35 and Williamstown. Every regular sailor knows that the 'Top' of the Bay is the best location to go sailing. While other Yacht Clubs and Team Sailing facilities further down the Bay at Sandringham, don't have any protection from the prevailing wind and large waves, we can always find a safe and comfortable 'piece of water' with the City skyline as a backdrop. team building sailing sydney

You won't get wet* when you sail in our Team Sailing events.

Sydney Harbour   team building sailing sydney

Based at the Lavender Bay Boatshed, near Luna Park , we have many options available to get you sailing on Sydney Harbour . team building sailing sydney

Our Team

SEA LEGGS is not just about going for a sail; we are serious

about developing teams and increasing workplace

performance. team building sailing sydney

Our Team comprises highly qualified professionals, trained in psychology, leadership coaching, workplace training and assessment and includes qualified and accredited sailing instructors. team building sailing sydney


Because the experience is out of the normal workplace comfort and political zones, it has been found, that its significance as a team building exercise is a valuable tool, to reflect upon inherent workplace behaviors that often 'dog' the work environment.

Now you can leave your office, catch a tram, jump on your

scooter or park your car and within 10 minutes change into your boating clothes and be on the water ready to experience a new learning environment.


Smartkat- Pump it up! - Smartkat blows the competition out of the water. The Smartkat is catering to the sailing enthusiasts who likes to travel lightly.This impressive inflatable sailing catamaran, inflates from two 20kg bags that can fit into the car or on roof racks, for easy transport to and from the water. It can be fully assembled in 20 minutes, with absolutely no tools required and without small parts that can easily get lost. When assembled the catamaran measures 4.2m long with a sail height of 5.8m. Then when its time to go home it can be disassembled in 10 minutes and with each bag measuring 180cm x 30cm x 30cm it can easily be stored in a cupboard, garage or spare room.Find us on Facebook at:,,

eam building sailing sydney,team building sailing sydney

Additional Services

SEA Leggs Corporate Team Building Melbourne and Sydney. Offering innovative and unique Team Building activities such as Corporate Cooking Classes from 5 to over 500, Corporate Team Building Sailing, Melbourne Docklands Treasure Hunt, Team Building Dancing Programs, Corporate Event Management Melbourne and Sydney, Yacht Charters, Corporate Sailing Regattas Melbourne and Sydney and Fun Group activities,

team building sailing sydney, team building sailing sydney

team building sailing sydney, team building sailing sydney

team building sailing sydney, team building sailing sydney

The needs and skills of each corporate group are different and SEA LEGGS Sailing and Corporate Team Building can design a program for Corporate Groups to suit any of your requirements in Melbourne and Sydney. team building sailing sydney


Please contact us to discuss customising a program for your workplace:


Tony Legg


Melbourne and Sydney team building sailing sydney

* Unless that's what you want. team building sailing sydney

* Unless it rains. t


eam building sailing sydney


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