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What is Sail Training?

Sail training is an outdoor adventure activity. Its purpose is not to teach how to sail; it's principally to help them learn about themselves in a team environment, to discover hidden strengths and talents, to understand the value of others and of working as one of a team.

It requires an individual to confront many demanding challenges, both physical and emotional.  

It is an activity that inspires and develops self-confidence and responsibility, an understanding and acceptance of others whatever their social or cultural background and a willingness to rely on the team work of your fellow crew members.

Adopting a consultative approach we work closely with our clients. Making sure we achieve the goals and objectives of the event.

The nature of sail training makes it ideal for team building. All the people on the boat have to co-operate to sail the boat, everyone team member has a role and with our experienced instructors we can ensure that no one person 'dominates'.

It is completely removed from the politics of the normal work place environment, its outdoors, clean and with a 'Breath Inspiring' view

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At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Point in a windward and leeward directions

  • Steer a boat in approximately straight line

  • Steer a boat through a tack in a safe manner and assume proper course after a manoeuvre

  • Handle sails (hoist, lower, furl) and demonstrate setting techniques

  • Handle sails through tack

  • Describe basic rules of the 'road'

    • Port and starboard

    • Windward / leeward

    • Overtaking boat

Safety- location of safety gear and how to use.


  • Lifejacket demo.

  • Procedures in case of instructor injured / overboard.

  • Problems with ropes over side and difficulties in picking up person in the water

  • Demo. engine starting procedure.

  • Use of winches

  • Use of cleats.

  • Starting motor

  • Wind direction.

  • Hoisting mainsail.

  • Steering under power.

  • Steering-up-and "down" under sail.

  • Windward/leeward

  • Port / starboard

  • Forward / aft

  • Port and starboard tacks

  • Rules of road - simple

  • Methods of determining wind direction.

  • Give definitions and reinforce with questions constantly.

  • Students to steer and be talked through steering techniques.


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