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Coxy's Big Break - Channel Seven's - Coxy's Big Break

What's On This Week - The Docklands

You might have already visited the the Docklands, New Quay and Waterfront City.

Sailing Lessons Melbourne Docklands Learn to sail sailing schools melbourneNew Quay and Waterfront City are home to many restaurants, bars and function venues, a scattering of retail shops and of course over 2000 residents. Harbown Town has many newly open retail shops.
You'll find brand direct outlets and specialty stores with all the latest fashion, homewares and accessories.

And there's more coming! 

Harbour Town is more than greatshopping, with a food and entertainment precinct boasting international dining options, the best bars and Melbourne's iconic Southern Star observation wheel. That's anamazing transformation!

Today we're heading out on Victoria Harbour with Tony Legg and the Dockland Sailing School.

Contact Details
Docklands Sailing School Melbourne

Hobson's Bay Sailing School Williamstown
Phone 0425 752 745


'Top Sailing Spots' - The Age A3 Good Summer Guide

Melbourne Docklands Sailing School

The Docklands's School fills a much needed niche with affordable courses for toe - dippers.

It means you'll learn on a dinghy,( a small 2 person yacht), in a group lesson ( 12 - 18) and be sailing around Victoria Harbour rather thatn jostling with the Bay's finest, but that's a plus for starters.

It's two basic courses are either half or full day events and a refreshing change from the traditional yacht Clubs where you may have to become a member to sail.


B&B on the Sea, VIC

Spend a night aboard Melbourne Docklands Nautical B&B

Let your nautical adventure begin on Melbourne 's Victoria Harbour . Experience Melbourne 's only on-water bed and breakfast aboard a yacht. Guests can wine, dine and sleep under sail on board a luxury yacht right in the heart of Melbourne 's Docklands.

The yacht is moored on the "pier-step" of Docklands near to the acclaimed range of bars, cafes and restaurants. Before you moor for the night, owner Tony will take you for a cruise around Victoria Harbour and Port Phillip Bay.

Guests are able to take the wheel for a short time.

You actually spend the night moored at Docklands, which is handy if you want to go enjoy a drink or a sumptuous meal at any of the outstanding cafes and restaurants. Finish the evening with a liqueur and soak in the stunning 270 degree city and harbour views, or enjoy the smooth grooves and cocktails at one of the Docklands' trendy supper clubs.


If you choose to remain onboard, the Nautical B&B is fitted out with all the

mod cons, including CD and DVD player.

If a night on board the Docklands B&B has whet your appetite for all things nautical, Tony also runs the Docklands Sailing School . Here you can ne introduced to the basics of sailing in a two hour sailing experience.

A mere $25 per hour will have you out on the water. Group bookings for you and your friends are also available (12 to 30 people).

The facts

A night on the Nautical B&B starts from $690 a couple. This includes cruise,

champagne and breakfast at Liquid Restaurant at Docklands. Self-catering from $590 a couple.

Docklands Nautical B&B

Tel: 0425 752 745


'Berth and Breakfast' - The Week End Australian

You could call it berth and breakfast - stay overnight on a yacht at Melbourne's Docklands, enjoy a two hour sail on Victoria Harbour and Hobson's Bay and eat at a nearby cafe .

Docklands Sailing School offers the summery package for $690.00 for two

More information:

Tony Legg


Discover Victoria

It was with great anticipation that our team awaited the airing of Channel Seven's - Discover TV series


Melbourne 's Docklands are now well established and while aTroy learning to sail

great way to see the precinct is on foot, a unique approach is to see

Victoria Harbour while actually sailing on it.


The segment captured the ambience and versatility of Victoria Harbour at the Melbourne Docklands, with 7 kilometres of glorious waterfront and 40 hectares of water there's plenty of space for sailing on the Docklands’ Blue Park.


Dockland Sailing School and SEA LEGGS Team Building and Corporate

Sailing are both enjoying consumer success and client feedback is very



Our first 'Lets Cook' Team Cooking activities have taken place and were an outstanding success. The fantastic thing about this program is the 'take away' skill and knowledge that you can apply at home or when entertaining friends. You get to learn how to cook a gourmet banquet, you develop as a team, you learn professional skills relating to kitchen operations and you sit down with your colleagues and eat the lot! Boat and scenery


Events Virtually Organised have successfully organised meetings and seminars exceeding 100 participants at a number of venues around Melbourne including our exclusive Victoria Harbour ones, and Yacht Sail - Sailing Billboards sponsorship packages and advertising opportunities are being negotiated.


Learn To Sail, Come sail away  - The Age

If you have the urge to hit the ocean waves this weekend, there are plenty of ways to get afloat in and around Melbourne .

You can enrol in some learn to sail classes or just soak up the atmosphere on a 2 hour 'sailing takes you away " session touring the Victoria Harbour water precinct with the Dockland Sailing School.

The two-hour sail is supervised by a certified instructor who will show you how to sail and steer the keelboat, or allow you to just sit back and relax and enjoy a different view of Melbourne .

Later, you can complete the aquatic experience with a visit to one of the many Docklands bars or restaurants.

But if you prefer the idea of something more intensive and energetic, the school also offers learn to-sail classes from $25 per hour. The courses are accredited by the Australian Yachting federation, and are offered in Pacer dinghies. The school offers classes to people aged from 16.

Dockland Sailing School manager Tony Legg believes that sailing Is not just a sport, but also a way of life for many people - he spent his honeymoon on a boat.

Legg says the company's introductory sailing course is designed to show beginners the basics of sailing and offers an inexpensive way to try the sport

'It's a great day out and an affordable way not only to go for a sail but to team how to sail and experience the freedom associated with sailing," he says.

Legg suggests people planning to sail should choose loose comfortable clothing. White or clear soled shoes are needed on the boats. Sun cream, a hat, sunglasses, a jacket and drinking water are also advisable to take along.

If you're interested in a group experience, the school also offers a five-metre-long Savage Dolphin craft, which can accommodate groups of sailing students - or work colleagues on team-building exercises. The sailing school can also organise yacht charter for those ready to sail away on their own adventures. it also runs 'women on water' classes, where women are taught by women in smaller, more-personalised formats.

What: The Dockland Sailing School

Melbourne Docklands

Tel: 0425 7527 45


Price: Sailing lessons from $25 per hour

2 Hour 'Sailing Takes You Away' session $85.00.


Trainer Tony Legg charts new waters
Leela de Kretser

LEARNING port from starboard and reaching consensus about which is which, will be the latest craze in corporate team building if Tony Legg has anything to do with it.

A former Outdoor Education teacher and sports trainer, the corporate mentor has taken to the not-so-high seas of the Victoria Harbour - the Melbourne Docklands in order to help businesses understand the value of teamwork.

He is a director of Sea Leggs Sailing and Corporate Team Building, a division of the Docklands Sailing School. His hands-on courses give staff the chance to push themselves at the same time as learning to rely on each other.

"Sailing develops attributes like respect, co-operation, independence but also, interdependence," Mr Legg said.

"In many workplaces there's an implied hierarchy of the manager or supervisor always leading the way, solving the problems and dictating to their subordinates the workplace processes. They often discount the value other team members can make and disempower rather than empower staff."

"But on a sailing boat, just because you have the helm doesn't mean it's going to work well. You're just as reliant on the people letting the ropes off."

Mr Legg and workplace psychologist Ross Anderson adapt the day's sailing to individual company needs.

Events can range from just learning to sail and working as a team with the Day on the Bay program, through to team racing.

Mr Legg concedes ensuring one person doesn't dominate is an important challenge.

"How people accept directions or criticism are part of the challenge of sailing and companies alike," he said.

"We talk about these things in relation to the profile of the individual company and how they come out in the intensity of a sailing boat."

He believes sailing also mirrors the business environment in that each face external fluctuations.

"You are working with things that fluctuate and change. Sailing because of the wind and the weather," he said.

"You can't just say I'm going from A to B this way every time. You have to look at the conditions and work the best route."

He also believes his pro gram offers managers more than a fun day out.

"This is not just about pushing yourself physically. It's about setting up a situation, which tests a workplace's ability to be a team," he said.

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Team Building Dancing
Edition 1 - First with the news

Dancing with the staplers

WORKERS who feel they sing for their supper be warned; the boss could add dancing to your daily routine.

A Melbourne company is offering workforce dance training and ballroom dance sessions, as the latest "corporate team-building activity''.

Spokesman Tony Legg said, some of Australia 's leading companies had already taken part in "Team Dancing'', which was designed to boost worker cohesion and productivity.

"We offer a range of different dances, from the classic ballroom type of thing through to the Latin styles,'' said Mr Legg, whose company SEA Leggs Corporate Team Building also offers sailing lessons.


Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect gift?

Impress your family or friends with a unique Sailing Gift Voucher. Prices start from $89.00 for the excellent tour / sailing experience of the 2 hour 'Fun Sail" or the 1/2 day (4 hours) sailing lesson priced at $95.00

All you have to do is drop us a line via our web site or contact us .We'd be very pleased to answer your questions and provide you with more information.


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