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The Team Building Activity Overview

Background Information:

We have three main pick up and drop off points. These points are important depending on:

  • Your location, where are you coming from?
  • How much sailing do you want to do?
  • What is the main focus of the onwater activity?
  • How much time you have?
  • Is Food and Beverage to be a part of the activity?
  • What are you doing afterwards?
  • Budget?

The three main locations are:

  1. Waterfront City Victoria Harbour - Melbourne Docklands.
  2. Victoria Harbour- Adjacent to NAB
  3. Gem Pier - Williamstown ( a delivery fee to and from Docklands may apply)

Victoria Harbour Overview

By way of background the type of activity starts at Waterfront City and Victoria Promenade - The Melbourne Docklands.

After a safety briefing we will motor down the Yarra River, passed the docks and into the historic maritime precinct of Williamstown. Upon completion of an onboard orientation we will proceed to the team building sailing arena.

Let your adventure sailing tour begin on Melbourne 's uncovered secret, Victoria Harbour - The Docklands or the Historic Maritime precinct of Hobson's Bay and Williamstown.

Melbourne Dockland Sailing School and Corporate Team Building offers you a unique adventure sailing experience while gaining a new perspective of Melbourne and its environs.

Afterwards you can enjoy a drink at a dockside bar or you may choose to enjoy a sumptuous meal at any of the outstanding Docklands cafes and restaurants.

Three Hours Option -Sailing Tour. With loading of passengers (allowing for any late arrivals) safety briefing, docking and unloading, the tour, a small sail and return trip as described above, there is 'no change' out of three hours.

So in your consideration of how long to allow for the activity you will need to think about what you want to achieve.

In the scenario above it doesn't allow for much sailing (even though you are on a sailing vessel the boat is under power for the tour down the Yarra River and into Port Phillip Bay) as it takes time to raise and lower the sails and allow an amount of time for participants to 'get the feel' of controlling the boat

Four hours Option - Will give the team a good sail around Hobson's Bay as well as the tour activity described above.

Five Hours Option -   Will also give you the opportunity to use the yacht as an entertaining platform with time for debriefing and a quite beverage or maybe even a little food

Full Day Option ( venue location and times may vay depending on conditions)

08:30 - Day to commence with a 30 minute briefing at Pier 35 or Victoria Harbour

09:00 - Be on the water and sailing

12:30 - 13:00 Lunch at Williamstown - Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

13:30 - 14:00 Back on the water for afternoon sailing program

17:30 - At the latest, back at Pier 35 or Victoria Harbour

Note: We can start later particularly during daylight saving

Sailing Yacht(s), full day instructions and team building activities

Catering options available

Catering :

Catering options include on board catering and dockside, either at one of our exclusive yacht clubs, function venues or one of the Docklands cafes and restaurants.

On Board Catering:

Large platters of Gourmet Deli style antipasto, smoked salmon, dips and nibbles from the BBQ are

available at $25 per person. More substantial finger food lunch or cocktails @ $29.00 per head.

A drink package of $37 for 2.0 hours and $18.00 per hour after this covers wines, beers and soft drink. We are also able to offer an on consumption beverage service, please note some conditions apply, feel free to discuss.


The nature of sailing makes it ideal for team building. All the people on the boat have to co-operate to sail the boat, each sailing team member has a role and with our experienced instructor we can ensure that no one person 'dominates'

It is completely removed from the politics of the normal work place environment, its outdoors, clean and with a 'Breath Inspiring' view.

Our facilities:

At Melbourne Dockland Sailing School we offer a range of yachts to suit your corporate sailing needs. All our yachts are luxuriously built incorporating amenities and comforts for your sailing pleasure.

The catamarans are capable of carrying 20 passengers.

Wear non marking rubber sole shoes


"Hi Tony,

I just wanted to say thank you again for conducting such a fantastic team building session with the team from Dairy Farmers. It was the perfect mix of structured activity and fun! The feedback from participants has been fantastic and we will certainly consider sailing as an activity for future events as well as recommending you to my colleagues. With Thanks

Heidi Somerville Dairy Farmers"

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We also provide:


Yours sincerely,

Tony Legg

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