Melbourne Docklands Treasure Hunt

Corporate Team Building Activities and Rewards

The Pirate Treasure Hunt Melbourne

Perfect for corporate team building:

  • Corporate motivation
  • As a staff reward
  • An incentive
  • Just for fun
  • Christmas Party
  • Conferencing

Ooo, argg me mateys, come and join in the Pirate Treasure Hunt, down 'ere at Docklands Melbourne. Get them corporates together and get 'em motivated or you'll have to beat 'em until morale improves!   .. get some value out of 'em villains, work as teams they should....tell 'em, more heads together are better than no 'eads at all!!!! Come 'ere and have some fun, discover the newest area of Melbourne and find out what makes each other tick and 'ow to get the best out of yer mates...if they live to walk the plank they can rides the waves back to Cutthroat Island (the office!) and know for certain who is the weakest link and lost 'em the treasure!!!!!!!


All pirates are greeted with a matey welcome from Sinbadder and his Bonny Anne at Docklands. Teams are formed, ship names and crew roles decided and its time for the pirates to don the optional attire from the treasure chest! Before they can board their themed vessel a pirate trivia quiz and walking of the plank must be completed then they are let lose to run riot in Port Sinister (New Quay). Clues and activities abound are part of the action for 2 - 3 hours which is centered around the harbour! It is a race with scavenger possibilities! and treasure at the end of the rainbow! Back on dry land there is an Awards Presentation with suggested Cocktails with smoke, bells and whisky...or whistles!


We have a number of Treasure Hunt packages to suit all objectives and budgets.

In each Treasure Hunt package we have a lot of fun whilst ensuring that a range of activities enable all people to participate, demonstrate skills in a number of areas from creation to negotiation, analytical to orienteering whilst developing relationships in a different, interesting the participants rise to the challenge and work those group dynamics to their best advantage.

Please feel free to call us or fill in the attached briefing sheet to discuss your requirements.